About us and equipment

The Digital Rendgen 3D Dental Imaging Center provides safe, high-quality and fast X-ray diagnosis of the dento-maxillofacial region.

If you feel the need to have your teeth brushed with state-of-the-art equipment and state-of-the-art staff, we will try to provide you with a service you have never had before.

We shoot in a modernly equipped space in our center in Novi Sad and guarantee you professional and fast service.

We have an advanced device for intraoral oral dental imaging. Thanks to the minimal so-called. Soft radiation option, allows recording the highest quality shots with minimal radiation doses. The dose of radiation received by a patient during a single tooth is equal to the background daily (natural or FON) radiation.

We use an innovative and modern device designed for reading and digitizing intraoral plaques, which enables quick display of intraoral images and their processing on computers.

Kavo OP 3D Pro- a device that offers a wide range of applications in 2D and 3D imaging technology, both single tooth and area of ??the entire cranio-maxillofacial region. The device has the AES (Automatic Exposure Setting) option - which calculates and offers a minimal reduced radiation dose relative to the constitution of each individual patient, which still allows for superior precision and quality imaging.

Otherwise, SCANORA is the name of the software used to process the recordings on our computers, transcribed into Serbian. A term familiar to dentists.

All the recordings at the DigitalRendgen 3D Center were obtained with digital technology that gives us much better image quality and follows environmental standards because it does not use chemical substances to develop X-ray films.

Following the digital trend, we have developed a Desktop and Mobile dentist application that enables you to store and download dental and jaw recordings through our Digital Rendgen 3D Cloud Server.


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