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At the Digital Rendgen 3D Center, you can perform all the dental examinations your dentist needs to make a diagnosis, plan a therapy, and monitor the results of the treatment.

  • Intraoral shots– ‘small 'dental recordings' are those that give the doctor the most accurate insight into the status of the individual tooth and the structures surrounding it.
  • Orthopantomogram– ‘orthopan 'shot, is a panoramic shot of the upper and lower jaw with teeth. The recording that best provides insight into the patient's overall dental status. In our center there is also the possibility of making SECTIONAL ORTHOPANE, a recording that shows the status of only selected segments of the jaw, thus further reducing the radiation dose to which the patient is exposed during the recording.
  • Tele-X-rays– shots of the entire skull in different projections that allow dentists of certain specialties (orthodontics, surgical branches) to gain insight into the relationships between the jaws of the patient.
  • TMZ footage– shots of the jaw joints
  • Captures of the maxillary sinuses

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